Monday, March 17, 2014

Here's a neato graph I found on Google that I think well explains the cycle of positive thinking and how it leads to a positive lifestyle. Our thoughts, actions, beliefs, and feelings all work together to create your unique energy. An when all four of those things are working together positively your will have a positive outcome c;


Smudging is a fantastic way to cleanse your property or home of any bad thoughts, negative energy, and evil spirits. This idea was taught by Native elders, and has been passed down the generations for many years of peace.

 The smudging ceremony usually consists of prayer and song, even spoken word or command. Within this ceremony, the idea of words represent something every powerful, so the speaking aspect is recommended for the full effect. You also will burn a smudging stick , usually made of dried herbs such as sage.

As you speak and as the smoke fills the room your words are meant be infused into the smoke, allowing every crack and corner of your home to be filled with your word. It is ideal that you smudge every entry way in your home, and every room in your home. Think of it as a bug problem and you are trying to poison your home to get rid of these bugs, wouldn't you go over your whole property? Any space which lacks the smudging, allows room for positive energy that you have placed to be washed away with a new wave of bad feeling.

After the smudging has ceased enjoy the new vibes in your peaceful oasis C:

THIS! Ladies and gentlemen, this is a baby Chow Chow, also simply known as a Chow. This dog resembles the Foo Dog which is a traditional model outside of Buddhist temple that wards of evil spirits! The chow chow is a sacred breed that is also thought to have the same powers as the Foo Dog.

Bring this adorable poof-ball into your home and not only obtain the warm heart of this dog, but be surrounded by positive energy because of it's evil spirit repellent!

Dogs are known to make people happier and healthier just by being around, but if you want an extra dose of happiness, get a Chow!

I mean come on.... look at him <3

Monday, March 10, 2014

                    Symbol of Good Luck and Positive energy:


    In Norse folklore it is said that the acorn will bring good fortune to its holder. The oak tree is also a symbol of courage and power, the mighty oak stands strong through any obstacle.

Throughout the creation of this blog, I have been struggling keeping on my original main topic. I decided to move with the current and change my topic. From here on out I will be discussing positive energy. Its benefits, and how to obtain positive vibes c: